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R. Stevie Moore "Hearing Aid"

Our very first release is Hearing Aid by R. Steve Moore. It is a limited edition release on clear double vinyl.
​Stevie's music sounds like so many different things yet like no one else. He's been making home recordings since the late 60's as an underground artist and only now is he seeing a much larger recognition of his work. His friend Jason Willett compiled this record over the course of 17 years, digging deep into Stevie's cassette catalog.


Konk Pack "Doing the Splash"

Doing the Splash is recorded live at London's Cafe OTO. Experiance the emotional rollercoaster ride in thier experimental tracks.


Officer! "Ossification" LP

Ossification is a rich collection of songs with Mick Hobbs, Feliz Fiedorowicz,  Bill Gilonis, Catherine Jauniaux, Tim Hodgkinson, Tom Cora, and Zeena Parkins, plus others.

This was originally released in 1983 and is reproduced on 180 gram vinyl, remastered by Tom Demuziio, with insert. With only  100 copies made of  white mixed with small amount of red colored vinyl ONLY available here at Knock'em Dead Records.


Officer! "Ossification" on CD

First time ever released on CD - Officer! Ossification.  Comes with an 8-page booklet with lyrics and credits.


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